Thursday, 11 August 2011

My inspiration is running from me now

I'm back,

Today, seeing as it was so cold and horrible out side I decided to get to work and clean my work/craft room out. It usually always gets me motivated when I get it all tidied up and looking lovely and neat. Not this time :(  I've just about run out of ideas. So tonight I have to decided to embrace the quiet and lack of motivation and take a rest. How often do mums actually take time out to rest and do something for them selves? I know I rarely do, life is to busy with children and cleaning and work and paper and bills and some more paper work not to mention its tax time at the moment and I have just finished maually typing 100's of reciepts and other crap into MYOB ready to take to the tax man. Did I mention I hate tax time? And I think its about time I had a rest, So Tomorrow I am going to do bare minimun house work and just spend the day relaxing and enjoying my kids company.. And when they have their afternoon sleep I am going to nap too. Hopefully a little rest will help me feel nice and shiny and new again and ready to face the lamping world once more! Fingers crossed...

P.S Thankyou to all who commented it is so lovely to know that there are people out there going through the same crap as me, and even better to know I am not talking to my self.......... Night

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