Thursday, 14 July 2011

Have a Look at this retro lamp

I made this lamp for one of my lovely customers, Lia from Style Aficionado boutique in Brisbane.
It is possibly my favourite custom order to date and I just adore it! Lia is creating a nursery for her soon to be born baby son and she is using all these retro fabrics that are going to look fabulous. You can Find Style Aficionado childrens Boutique online HERE . It is filled with amazing finds for your children. Get your credit card ready as there are some gorgeous childrens items on here!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Blue beachy lamp

Check out the new addition to the lamp family... I love sunday afternoons, kids are having a nap and steve is out fishing....... ahhhh time to myself!

AND THE WINNER IS......................

A big congratulations to the winner of a brand new lamp, Starzyia! Thankyou to everyone else for leaving such lovely comments and giving me some fabulous ideas.
I will be creating Starzyia's lamp over the next week or so and will post it on here once it is finished for everyone to have a look at, Thanks again to everyone for supporting my new blog and giving me the confidence to continue. I will have a lamp giveaway every few months so keep checking in to see when the next one will be held.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cactus jackets

Check these little babys out....

I call thes my cactus jackets... I spotted some flower pots wrapped in fabric in a magazine recently and thought what a great idea to cheaply make crappy old mismatching pots look a little prettier. All you have to do is grab some fabric, cut to size of pot, wrap around and tie some twine to keep in place. Nice and easy but looks so sweet and so much nicer than boring old plastic pots......

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New lamps

I have made two gorgeous lamps this morning an relisted an oldie, I havent had the desire to make any lamps over the past week and then today it was like bang, I'm officially in lamping mode again! LOL I think I am going to make some more this afternoon when my little ones have an afternoon nap. It's so funny how one minute I can't stand the sight of lamps and the next I'm all inspired and can't stop ideas for new ones running through my head.... Does this happen to evryone? or am I just strange....

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lamp Giveaway

Goodness me I only just started this blog and I am slacking off already!

Just wanted to say thankyou to all who have left their lovely comments and ideas in regards to the giveaway I am keeping all these requests in mind! Only 6 more days untill the winner is drawn, woohoo so don't forget to check in with me on Saturday to see who the lucky winner is! For anyone who hasn't already entered go down to my previous lamp giveaway post to see how to enter.

P.S Just purchased myself a copy of Hand Made Living by Tania Mccartney. You absolutely need to read this If you havent already!
Books can be purchased from here,

Happy Blogging everyone!