Thursday, 30 June 2011

Ahhh, fresh, country air..........

We have packed up and gone to my parents house in the cold town of Orange for the weekend. It is amazing how the country seems to have a calming effect on your mind.... So quiet! We only recently moved from here to the South Coast but it is amazing how much you miss your home town after just 5 months. Not knowing anyone in our new town apart from my partner and two children is starting to really get to me. No more gossip sessions and wine with girlfriends, or baby sitters so you get the chance to catch up with your partner with out having certain little people bugging you for something. I miss the company of my family and friends so much and it is so nice to come back home and have a big catch up on the last five months. Who new so much could change in that little a time. I have taken a few (pretty bad) snaps of my parents gorgeous property!

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  1. and nothing makes my mind sharper than cold chilly air... I concentrate so well in winter! Have a great weekend.